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The Studio

The most widely used and recently remodeled Studio Mobile Estate, is our most famous model as it is used quite often by Will Smith. It features updated fabrics, granite tops, and 1,100 sq. feet of beautiful wood flooring. Also included within this trailer is a complete Audio Recording Studio, Large Conference Rooms ideal for business meetings, a Full Kitchen, multiple living areas such as Living Rooms, a Master Bedroom with other Bedrooms, as well as Bathrooms, and optional Play Area for children.

The Studio has been used on various movie and music production sets, and is ideal for conventions of all sizes. It's ready for event parties, studio projects, and other areas a conventional trailer may be of use.

As with all of our Units, Studio features a full kitchen to serve clients, crew members, or an entire staff during down-time. A Master Bedroom, many other Spacious Rooms, a Lobby, and restrooms and showers are also included.

Features Leather, Oak Wood and Marble treatments throughout the entire unit, giving it the 5-Star Luxury Hotel feel, all while providing you with 360-degree, 24/7 video surveillance and security.

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The Studio

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