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The Mobile Communications Trailer

Often used by News Stations seeking to provide transmissions of local news stories. This expanding, multi-level trailer has enough space for 35 persons, a news production crew, hundreds of pounds of equipment, cargo, and everything needed to produce a news story on-location. As an added feature, a staircase leads to the roof which converts to a third-story deck with guard rails.

It has multiple areas for the crew to hold meetings, edit and produce graphics and voice-overs, have lunch, lounge, or scout the area on the third story. We include whiteboards and tripods to allow for maximum story-lining and development procedures, as well as State of The Art Technology such as satellite dishes to transmit encrypted signals. On-location shoots will no longer be a hassle.

Features 360-degree, 24/7 video surveillance and security, plenty of cabinets and storing space, equipment bays, Internet provided by satellite, rear ramp for wheeling in heavy equipment, and studio-like entrance.

Anderson Mobile Estates provides this trailer for those seeking a High Quality On Location Mobile Trailer. It can expand to its full size, as well as contract and be ready to go, in under 10 minutes, a necessity in a fast-paced industry.

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