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The Heat

Ideal for individuals or organizations who desire spacious rooms, studios, conference rooms, and the 5-Star Luxury Treatment. This is one of our most lavish Two-Story trailers. Movie stars, Actors, Singers... can relax in peace during their down time with no worries or without being cramped. It features up to 1,200 sq. ft. of living and working area allowing for multiple business meetings to take place, all in the privacy of your own trailer.

The Heat is practical for almost every use; Actors, Singers, Business Executives all find practical uses for this trailer. Business Executives can hold quarterly, or weekly conferences without renting out an entire hotel. Movie Stars and Singer can find it useful as it has multiple ares to lounge in, do make-up, watch TV, or take a shower after that long performance.

As with all of our units, The Heat features a full kitchen to serve clients, crew members, or an entire staff during down-time. A Master Bedroom, many Spacious Rooms, Lobbies, and restrooms and showers are also included.

Features Leather, Oak Wood, and Marble treatments throughout the entire unit, giving it the 5-Star Luxury Hotel feel, all while providing you with 360-degree, 24/7 video surveillance and security.

The Heat has been used on multiple movie sets, and is ideal for conventions of all sizes, event parties, studio projects, and other areas a conventional trailer may be of use. This is our finest trailer, offering practical business, and personal use for those desiring a comfortable and working atmosphere.

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