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The Magic Bus

The Magic Bus is equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, wash and shower area, lounge, mini bar, and a bedroom with a closet and storage space. If you are planning on doing a cross country road trip, this is the way to travel, in style.

No other RV Trailer, or Bus Unit comes close to the Magic Bus. Its mini bar alone sets it apart from its competitors, as well as its lay-out and design. This single story RV Type Bus allows users to camp out in style, as it also features Awnings, an Outstanding Speaker System, Plenty of Windows so you don't miss the view, a Second Tow Hitch to bring your car or truck along, and much more...You'd have to see it to believe it!

As with all of our Units, The Magic Bus is lined in Leather, Oak, and Marble, to give you the most comfortable and luxurious ride possible.

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